From journalist to leading activist, Asra Nomani

From journalist to leading activist, Asra Nomani

Asra Nomani was born in India and immigrated to America as a child. As a journalist and Muslim reform activist, she rose to notoriety. She is the author of the books Woke Army (2023), Standing Alone (2005), and Tantrika (2003). The PBS documentary ‘The Mosque in Morgantown’ (2019) portrays Nomani’s battle for women’s rights in her West Virginia mosque.

Nomani’s activism extends through her role as Vice President of Strategy and Investigations for ‘Parents Defending Education’, an organization that actively opposes the establishment of woke ideologies in schools, promoting active engagement of parents in ensuring an unbiased learning environment. In addition, she has been instrumental in founding the ‘Coalition for TJ’, a group dedicated to ensuring equal access to education for all, confronting anti-Asian racism, and advocating for an inclusive and equitable education system.
She also co-directs the Pearl Project, an effort that seeks to convict those accountable for the tragic death of her friend and fellow Wall Street Journalist, Daniel Pearl.

Nomani’s stance on a variety of political and social issues concerning the Muslim community has garnered considerable attention. In her Daily Beast 2010 article, Nomani encouraged the surveillance program for national security and the prevention of potential terrorist attacks.
She wrote. “We have to talk about the taboo topic of profiling because terrorism experts are increasingly recognizing that religious ideology makes terrorist organizations and terrorists more likely to commit heinous crimes against civilians, such as blowing an airliner out of the sky. Certainly, it’s not an easy or comfortable conversation but it’s one, I believe, we must have.”

She further advocated for personal accountability in her community, “In the debate, I said, ‘Profile me. Profile my family,’ because, in my eyes, we in the Muslim community have failed to police ourselves.”- Source:

Asra Nomani is a woman on a mission. A strong-willed activist not afraid to say unpopular things! Her positions have earned her both admiration and criticism. Today, many are joining her as she persists in waging campaigns to defend meritocracy, challenge societal norms, and bring light to the tyranny that is taking root in the country’s educational system. Her efforts have positioned her at the forefront of the ongoing struggle to prevent woke indoctrination in schools. 

As more parents get involved and challenge educational authorities, Asra’s organization, Parents Defending Education, helps parents become empowered, take the necessary actions to get involved in their children’s schools, and advocate for a balanced curriculum.
“In order to begin reclaiming your school, you and other like-minded parents should also get organized. There’s many steps that you can take, from asking a question at school up through launching your own local parent organization. Below are some resources we’ve developed to help you get started — from using social media to expose what your school is doing to pitching stories to the media to asking tough, public questions of school officials. Everything you do helps to create accountability and oversight.” – Parents Defending Education
Explore the resources provided by the Parents Defending Education Organization by clicking on the following link:

Her book, WokeArmy, reveals her investigations in depth. She wrote, “In the book, I expose the unholy alliance between Islamist groups operating in the United States—many with foreign backing and terror ties—…”, read more at

In the following twitter post, Asra emphasized how the Woke movement and Islamists are allies:

“Read this if you care about India or Hinduism and systemic racism — The racist and bigoted Bridge to Nowhere Initiative @bridgeinit is a defamation machine funded by Islamists at the International Institute of Islamic Thought based at 500 Grove Street in Herndon, VA — their own IIIT but they don’t produce brilliant engineers. They produce racist, sexist and bigoted character assassins. I expose them in my book, #WokeArmy. They have put a hit on @CoHNAOfficial, the Coalition of Hindus of North America.

@Georgetown University houses these smear merchants at the Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, another front for Islamists and their sympathizers. Georgetown and the Bridge to Nowhere Initiative should be sued for defamation by countless people.

Reply to this tweet with a polite but firm tweet to the president of Georgetown, John DeGioia to tell him: stop the hate and racism against Hindus. Email DeGioia at Copy me at and his VP and Chief of Staff Joseph A. Ferrara,
Call Office of the President
Call: (202) 687-4134
Fax: (202) 687-6660

Italian American John Esposito and Georgetown laundered millions of dollars for the Saudi “Prince” Bin Talal to create the center. They refuse to include Jews in the name, forget about Hindus. Race shouldn’t matter but the Bridge to Nowhere uses race to cloak its racism, bigotry and extremism. So let’s talk race…
The mostly white Islamists and Islamist sympathizers who have led the center and its work hate the brown and black people who are Hindus, and they treat Hinduism as a polytheist religion in which followers practice the “sin” of shirk, equating something to God.

The current director is a “white savior” for the Islamists, ironically named Jonathan “Brown.” Brown is married to Leila Al Arian, the daughter of Sami Al Arian, investigated and deported amid terrorism charges.

Sami now spreads his Islamist, anti-Israel propaganda based in Turkey. Guess who promotes his work? That’s right the International Institute of Islamic Thought. And Georgetown.
See his anti-Israel bias:
And here @Algemeiner:
See his perch in Turkey:
The Bridge to Nowhere Initiative has tried to defame me for years as an Islamophobe. They are now after India, Hindus and @CoHNAOfficial. It’s one thing when you attack me.

But DON’T YOU DARE come after my friends and think I’m going to stay quiet. The Bridge to Nowhere Initiative depends on people being scared of them. Don’t be.
They are cowardly keyboard warriors in the ivory tower of privilege, run by a man with a “white savior” complex about Muslims, now attacking the brown and black people of my Indian diaspora. His name ironically is Jonathan “Brown.”

Here is the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s dossier on the “family affair” that is Georgetown University’s dance with the Al Arian family and “radical Islam.” You guessed it. The Bridge to Nowhere defames the Investigative Project on Terrorism. @TheIPT

See the dossier:

Why does all this matter? Islamists depend on terrorizing people with fear. Don’t be afraid of them and their character assassinations. They will be sued one day and their fake “content” will one day be in the dustbin on internet history. But be aware of them, their tactics, their network and their funding. They have their sights set on you. Stare them in the face and be unapologetically YOU. ❤️”

Asra Nomani’s Twitter post link:



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