Three immigrant ‘mompreneurs’ who negotiated epic deals with ‘baby on board’ 

Three immigrant ‘mompreneurs’ who negotiated epic deals with ‘baby on board’ 

By Victoria Zavyalova

These women tech founders sold their businesses, raised capital, and launched new products while having their newborns. They are also determined to better the world for their children.

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, CEO and co-founder, Samooha

Kamakshi sold her previous startup, Drawbridge, to LinkedIn in 2019. She negotiated the deal from the hospital bed, where she was giving birth to her daughter. LinkedIn acquired the company for just under $300 million

Her new venture, Samooha, helps enterprises share data securely across computing environments. The startup raised $12.5 million in funding.

“Female founders and entrepreneurs carry an enhanced responsibility,” she said. “My biggest lesson has been to wear that responsibility with pride and forgive myself in instances when it doesn’t pan out as expected.” 

Kamakshi was always the only woman in the room. Born in India, she graduated from Stanford University with a PhD in Information Theory, but joined the startup world. Her career started at the AdTech company AdMob, now Google’s mobile advertising product. 

“While I enjoyed the idea of thinking deeply and rooting algorithm design in mathematical formulations, the opportunity to apply them to new emerging problems was tantalizing,” she said.

After AdMob was acquired by Google in 2009 for $750 million, Kamakshi worked as a member of technical staff for under a year before founding Drawbridge. 

“I am moved and inspired by the opportunity to make a difference in this world around us,” she said. “We owe ourselves the opportunity to try, as well as a healthy dose of compassion for potential failure. This pattern of failure and success is effectively the story of entrepreneurship.” 

Advice to other female founders: 

Finding your place, voice and success in your entrepreneurial journey is hard. It is not shaped by any playbook; rather, it will be written by you and your unique experiences. Get comfortable in looking different, being different, sounding different. The world will receive you.” 

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