Preserving the Timeless Wisdom of India’s Scriptural Heritage: A Resource for All Humanity

Preserving the Timeless Wisdom of India’s Scriptural Heritage: A Resource for All Humanity

The Muktabodha Indological Research Institute has a singular mission: To preserve endangered texts from the spiritual and philosophical traditions of classical India and make them freely accessible for study and scholarship worldwide. These are sublime works, rooted in human experience, that speak about the nature of reality, the power of the mind, the transformation of human consciousness and the interconnectedness of all life. We view these texts as a timeless resource for humanity. Muktabodha is an initiative of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, the spiritual head of the Siddha Yoga Path. The Institute seeks to promote an enlightened future by ensuring that the profound wisdom of India’s traditional knowledge systems is made accessible to the world.


The Indian subcontinent holds a vast literature grounded in the experiences of its sages, pandits and yogis. However, much of this traditional wisdom is in danger of falling into obscurity or, even worse, being lost to the world forever. From a material standpoint, we are in a race against time due to the degradation of ancient and fragile palm-leaf and paper manuscripts. But our ambition is larger than the preservation of historical documents. In doing so, we seek to protect the profound knowledge that these texts reveal.

Since its founding in 1997, the Muktabodha Institute has employed digital information technologies to preserve the unique genius of diverse schools of Indian philosophy and practice, and make it available to scholars everywhere. The Institute is incorporated as a not-for-profit educational foundation in the United States and as a registered charitable trust in India.

To aid scholars in creating critical editions of Indological texts, several hundred manuscripts in the library have been transcribed into searchable e-texts.

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