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By Supriya Pava

The tide is turning, and there are possibilities for fresh representations through the new voices of the mixed culture actors who are sweeping the political sphere and breaking stereotypes. With the recent invigorating attention focused on the Hindu community and the Indian-American diaspora at large, the obvious path is to amplify the participation of our community because it renews us in many ways. All communities must have a voice in politics; It’s a matter of representation.
Albert Thakur, also known as Burt Thakur, is an upcoming Indian-American political candidate known for his blunt & truthful discourse, which he manages to deliver with empathy. His role as a truth-seeker goes beyond seeking collaborations and novel solutions; he is working towards empowering marginalized voices and create opportunities for underrepresented groups. Promote cultural pride, empowering the next generation to embrace their heritage and contribute to the betterment of the community. Burt’s vision for Renewing America and Renewing the Hindu Community extend beyond economic growth, to include a holistic approach that values social cohesion and the well-being of all individuals.

Thakur’s passion for public service is demonstrated through his active involvement in community outreach programs and his consistent efforts to address the needs of underserved populations. He believes in the power of inclusivity and aims to create a political environment that welcomes diverse voices and ideas. With a strong focus on economic growth and job creation, Burt Thakur is determined to strengthen Congress by championing policies that empower individuals and promote long-term prosperity.

He was born in India and spent the majority of his childhood in Bihar with his grandfather. Burt’s parents had moved to the United States for education, where they stayed, as they advanced in their careers. He grew up in a forest, surrounded by nature. It instilled in him a love of the natural world. When he immigrated to America to join his parents as a teenager, he made a concerted effort to remain rooted in his tradition by visiting temples. He recalls as he is assimilated into American life, “I had a lot of drive when I was younger. I was passionate and driven to be a part of the change and future of my community and the nation as a whole.”

The impetus for his vision came from the drive to serve the nation, stepping into the American military tradition for the ability to save and change lives. Enlisting in the US Navy at the age of 17 allowed him to embody his compassion for serving the nation. Little did he know that just a year later, the world would witness a significant transformation that would shape his journey in ways he could never have imagined.

“It was the height of the war and our carrier was deployed to support both the Iraqi freedom and enduring freedom operations.” After a year of serving, he was selected for the Navy’s nuclear power program. The comprehensive training allowed him to gain a deep understanding of various aspects of nuclear power and its applications; electrical and mechanical engineering nuclear and water chemistry and reactor physics and also steam plant designing as well as operations. He was appointed as the nuclear reactor operator and served aboard an aircraft carrier .During this time, he gained invaluable hands-on experience and developed a deep understanding of the intricate workings of a nuclear power system. This experience not only solidified his technical skills but also instilled in him a sense of discipline and responsibility that would shape his future endeavors. After the military, he continued in the power generation industry by operating large power plants to manage operations and build smaller co-generation power plants to critical power, which energy solutions in a low carbon economy and sustainable development.

According to Burt, who is an active member of the community and is entering Politics, “every Hindu politician is the way to bring attention to the community at large” because often the true nature of the Indian diaspora is overlooked, their potential and ideas, stories, and issues remain an abstraction. Burt believes that Hindu politicians play a crucial role in shedding light on the Indian diaspora and ensuring that their voices are heard. “By actively participating in politics, we can effectively address the community’s concerns, advocate for their rights, and promote cultural understanding among the wider population. This involvement not only helps to bridge the gap between the Indian diaspora and society but also fosters a sense of empowerment and representation within the community. He believes that diverse perspectives are crucial for making well-rounded decisions and will actively seek input from individuals with varying backgrounds and experiences. By creating a safe and inclusive environment, he hopes to empower community members to voice their thoughts and contribute to the decision-making process, ultimately resulting in a more comprehensive and representative outcomes.

“Every member of the community will have the opportunity to share his or her opinions and ideas, and I’ll work hard to make sure that happens” Many current issues are taking the lead, such as lawmakers taking children’s futures for granted and suppressing ambitions of minorities. Burt intends and is capable of reflecting the viewpoints of the people he represents. “People’s stories are at the heart of my campaign.” he asserts.

He also recognizes that a successful campaign requires more than just good intentions; it demands a carefully considered philosophy and political courage to bring about transformative change in America. Not long ago, the Georgia Assembly passed a resolution condemning Hinduphobia, making it the first American State to take such a legislative measure. This resolution was a significant step towards promoting religious tolerance and inclusivity in Georgia. It highlights the state’s commitment to protecting the rights and dignity of Hindu individuals, fostering a more harmonious and accepting society. Burt believes it is critical to continue on this path, to revitalize and champion the moral vision. His vision bears a reassuring resemblance to arguments already so much a part of the current discourse about the lack of moral beliefs. “By prioritizing Hindu organizations, charities, and community groups that have proven their efficacy in saving and transforming lives, my office would facilitate organizations to gain access to the same resources grants and government support which the other faith based organizations such as the Jewish organizations have been able to accomplish. We believe that by redirecting funds towards such programs, we can harness the power of faith and community to address societal challenges more effectively.”

Additionally, “Advocating for changes in laws and regulations that hinder collaboration between government and private institutions and businesses will further enable us to leverage the strengths of both sectors for the betterment of society.” He firmly believes that any initiative that brings decision-making power closer to the people is beneficial, aligning with the core values of his party. By making tough choices and embracing familiar issues, he aims to be an instrument of change rooted in timeless values, bridging divisions and a promising future for the overlooked.
“I am so proud of our community today. We are thriving, and where I am running for Congress, in Collin and Hunt Counties, in Texas, nearly 14% of the population is Indian! We have the largest mandirs and I see thousands of people showing up to our festivals. I am proud to be born in India and to be an American. Our campaign isn’t just about the short term – it is about possibilities for our community. I met a boy named Arjun, who said he thinks he wants to be a congressman one day too. Wouldn’t that be something amazing? With politicians like Vivek Ramaswamy, and also me, and others, our Hindu community has a very bright future.”

He concluded, “I think acceptance comes from accepting that our Indian concepts of family, compassion, kindness, the value of understanding of Karma and Dharma are all necessary, beautiful and important ingredients to add to the melting pot known as America. We should be immensely proud of our heritage – it is a privilege.”

Visit Burt Thakur’s website  https://burtthakurforcongress.com/


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