Hindu scriptures can ‘inspire greener living’, eco-activists say

Hindu scriptures can ‘inspire greener living’, eco-activists say

By Thamayanthi McAllister

An environmental group is using Hindu scriptures to inspire people to make greener choices in their lives.

Hindu Climate Action has been working with temples to be less wasteful during religious festivals.

Co-founding member Priya Koria, 21, from Bristol, said: “There’s a big lack of representation in terms of the Hindu community of the climate activism front, especially I think in the UK.”

Due to coronavirus, the group has moved its work online to spread the message.

Ms Koria, a chemistry student at the University of Bristol, added that festivals did tend to use a lot of flowers, rice and other materials.

During the Rakhi festival the bond between siblings is celebrated where, traditionally, the sister ties red string on her brother’s wrist to pray for his health and prosperity.


“Typically, for Rakhi, we have flowers, rice and a lot of that stuff that typically won’t be sourced in an environmental way just because in terms of tradition of how it’s been done for so long,” said Ms Koria.

“There’s never really been alternative or better ways suggested.”

The group’s co-founder, Rajesh Purohit, 26, from Leicester, said: “The Maharabat talks about not displaying malice towards any living beings through your actions or words and having that level of kindness and giving in charity.

“It signs off by saying that is Sanatana dharma – that is Hinduism. That is what we’re trying to achieve – we’re trying to drive that level of giving back.

“Just as Mother Earth gives to us, let’s aim to give back.”

The group has convinced Wellingborough temple, in Northamptonshire, to stop using single-use plastic cutlery, but it is these “little actions” they say will translate to a “bigger picture”.


“For me it’s about using things wisely. When you do pujas, you don’t need to use gallons of water or loads of flowers,” added Mr Purohit.


This planet is the most important thing that we have got collectively as a human race and we should do whatever it takes to not just respect and sustain, but to enhance our planet.”

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