Indian American doctors raise $5 million for covid relief in India

Indian American doctors raise $5 million for covid relief in India

By AB Wire

AAPI provides 2,300 Oxygen concentrators, 100 ventilators and other equipment to 45 hospitals in India.

American Association of physicians of Indian origin (AAPI), the largest ethnic medical organization in the US, has raised $5 million for covid relief efforts in India fighting a deadly second wave of Covid-19.

“The generosity of the members of AAPI and Indian community has been unprecedented,” says Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, president of AAPI, representing more than 100,000 physicians in the US.

“I want to thank the AAPI fraternity, for not only contributing $5 million towards Covid relief funds, but has spent hundreds of hours in coordinating and disbursing the vital medical supplies to the most needed hospitals across India.”

“The past year, while posing major challenges has also provided opportunities for AAPI to continue to work together in helping realize the mission of AAPI,” said Dr. Gotimukula.

We are proud that several Indian American physicians are recognized globally for their contributions to combat the deadly pandemic,” she said. “We will continue our efforts and give our best to our motherland in her fight against the deadly pandemic.”

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